What our clients said about the program...

"Angie was a very compassionate and inspiring instructor.  She taught me a lot about how to head down the path of mindfulness and gave me tools on how to handle my emotions, including anxiety"

"Thank you so much for giving me/teaching me skills to calm my mind and the tools to continue on this path"

"I thought the program/course design and flow was excellent. I can't say I always recognized or fully understood it at this time, I really liked how each session built on the previous week's session(s) and provided context for the next session(s). I also really liked the half-way reflection exercise."

“I learned so much from this class and from meeting all of the other participants.  I want to thank them for sharing their experiences and for being so open.  It was very comforting to learn that I am not alone in my insecurities and my struggle to be accepting of who I am.  I only hope that each of us is able to continue to practice mindful living more and to learn to be accepting of ourselves and of where we are in our unique journeys. I will always remember Angie's 'flipping your lid' demonstration, losing my balance repeatedly during walking meditation and the big take-home message for me was: "It is what it is while it is" (I originally wrote the above in big bold caps, but no more of that.  I instead opted for a gentle, fluid font.  You know... 'loving kindness'. See, I learned something)!"

"I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was looking for some assistance to deal with my PTSD triggers, stress and anxiety.  I enrolled in the mindfulness meditation course not knowing exactly what it was or how it could help.  I found the course extremely useful in helping me reduce my stress and anxiety.  Through meditation, I learned to create a space between external stimuli and response; thereby allowing me time to react in a different manner.  The course taught me how to better control the thoughts in my mind and accept life as it comes.  Overall, this program was instrumental in my journey to heal from PTSD."

"I gained new awareness into my anxiety symptoms (thoughts and body sensations) and I learned how to manage it in a whole new way."

"I learned that I am in control of my thoughts and actions.  I can now go to my breath whenever I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed and it brings my distress down immediately."

"The most significant thing I learned was how to really enjoy the moment."

"This course has given the knowledge of how to handle anxiety, stressful situations and the love of everyday things and surroundings."

"The most significant thing that I learned was the value of paying attention to the moment."

"This course has given me tools that work.  I now have confidence and I feel more relaxed and happy.

"Great 8 weeks! I believe it will positively impact my life for the rest of my life.  Thank you!"

"I want to tell you again just how moving and meaningful the "heart" exercise was at the last session - and it still is today as I hold my "heart", these incredible memories of what the exercise symbolized, and my experience with it, close to me everyday".

The most significant thing I learned was...

"To be less critical and more accepting of myself and my feelings"

"When feeling anxiety, connecting to my breath helps slow things down and answers appear more easily"

"Mindfulness helps to keep me calm and take a step back when my emotions are intense.  I relate to my anxiety in a whole new way – I label it as anxiety, attend to it, breathe with it and I am better able to handle anxiety attacks."

"I use my breathing to help me manage my anxiety.  Breathing into my symptoms of anxiety helps me to release the tightness in my chest."

"Acceptance was a very significant theme for me; both in terms of self-acceptance/just as I am, as well as being more accepting of all my experiences/letting things be as they already are/all  moments are viable. Changing the relationship with my thoughts was also huge. Gaining some much-needed distance and perspective from long-lived unhelpful and unproductive thoughts, and learning to see them more clearly or with fresh eyes while developing skills necessary to find alternatives/balanced thoughts.  Learning about unhelpful thinking habits, along with examples of questions to provoke alternative responses to automatic reactions was very useful. Concrete, practical Action Plans to deal with stress following a Breathing Space and Relapse Prevention Action Plans will allow me to see things even more clearly, and help prevent me from ruminating or avoiding".

"Be aware of my breathing (especially when anxiety is present) and allowing it to be, rather than pushing it away like I used to"

"I learned how to face my feelings and manage them in a whole new way."

How Mindfulness helped me manage my emotions...

"Trying to let things be as they already are in the moment rather than wishing for something different and/or avoiding. More tolerant of uncertainty/not knowing. Attempting to create more distance and to become less reactive to automatic thoughts.  The increase in self-acceptance and acceptance of all experiences is really helping."

"I have learned to be more present, to feel my feelings, to be less critical of myself and to deal with problems by trusting myself and what my mind/body are telling me"

"How to manage my moments of anxiety by focusing on the breath and the present moment"

"I am more aware of my feelings and emotions.  This course help me to enjoy my daily activities more. I am not judging myself as much as before.  I face the problems instead of avoiding them."

"That there are many possibilities in my future. I now feel contentment with what I have.  I am no longer worrying all the time about what can go wrong"

"I am much more kind to myself, not so judgmental – feels so much better"

"I am so much more skillful in my responses to situations now – I often feel pleased with how I handle things"

"I learned how to accept situations as they are with a different, more clear and calm perspective.  I learned how to stop pushing away difficult things and learned how to face and manage them"

"how to control my feelings. Yes it brought up painful memories but now I know the skills to change”

"to feel the feeling, but then let it go.”

"how active the mind is but it can be trained.”

“how effective mindful meditation really is, if you open yourself to it”

"taking a breathing space allows me to make different choices.”

“that it’s perfectly okay to put myself first…to enjoy the peacefulness of managing my feelings has given me…how to get rid of ruminating”

"thinking differently…I now have choices.”

“that there’s a safe way for me, that I can help myself, that my body can heal my mind”

Advice to those thinking of taking the 8-week program...

"It’s a very good investment of time – it will help – it helped me!"

"It is great for opening you up to a different way of living"

"Just go for it!  It’s a program that helps people discover themselves and live in a better, healthier, easier way."

"To keep attending with an open mind!"

"Practice meditation on a daily basis and it will definitely benefit your life!"