What is Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy?

Effective mindfulness-based psychotherapy enables people to experience an enhanced sense of choice and therefore freedom from habitual thinking and behaviour. Sometimes clients would like to make changes to their coping strategies and behaviour, sometimes they need to learn how to shift their perception/perspective and sometimes they're doing both.

Psychotherapy provides people the ability to 'wake up' from the usual 'automatic pilot' way to which we are all accustomed. When we step out of 'auto pilot' we gain more choice, more freedom and sense of relief/calm. Essentially, it enables us to make more informed decisions about our lives rather than reacting to old familiar, conditioned, knee-jerk (often unhelpful) reactions.

Whatever the reason that brings you here, the Therapists at Mindfulness for Health truly believe that the ups and downs of life provide opportunities (and hidden blessings) to learn about ourselves and life in general. In addition to providing support, counselling and/or psychotherapy, she shows her clients how restore within themselves a sense of balance and well-being, and to cultivate a renewed awareness and sense of presence in their own lives. After a thorough assessment, she begins to work on the issues that are most important to the client. She helps her clients develop insight into how past experiences and thinking processes may be continuing to influence their well-being and to identify the issues that are most troublesome. The Therapists at Mindfulness for Health also help their clients clarify their values, passions, strengths and resources so that they can be drawn upon to mobilize them in a positive direction. You can have peace of mind that our team are very caring, non-judgmental, compassionate and skilled therapists.
Mindfulness for Health offers a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation if you are interested in hearing more about our services.
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Mindfulness...Tools for Skillful Living
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You can learn:
  • How to develop, renew or deepen your own regular mindfulness meditation practice
  • How to ‘slow down’ in this busy world in which we live
  • How to ‘disengage’ from worries about the past or the future
  • How to cultivate a sense of ease and stability in body and mind
  • How to practice meditations practically wherever you go during your day
  • How to practice self-kindness and self-compassion rather than getting stuck in self-judgment
Some of the benefits from participating in mindfulness-based counseling/therapy include:
  • Increased insight
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Learning how to 'respond' versus 'react' to stressors
  • Being more present 
  • Increased concentration/attention
  • Learning how to decrease self-judgment
  • Recognize the signs of depression and learn how to deal with depression symptoms.
  • Increased self-compassion
  • Improved patience
  • Learning how to deal with anxiety symptoms
  • Reduced chances of relapsing into depression, anxiety, burnout
  • A greater sense of joy, contentment, gratitude